About All Campus Security

On the high road, we at ACS really care about making schools across the US, indeed around the world, safer places for their students, faculty and staff.  Between our founders, our key staff and the long list of available advisors, experts, project managers and installers, All Campus Security has close to a gazillion years of cumulative experience. Yes, gazillion with a "G". Among the myriad experiences we can draw upon are analog-to-IP conversions, district-wide VMS upgrades, camera selection puzzles, LAN & WAN design and trouble-shooting. We've read, responded and won our share of RFPs -- we've even helped write plenty of them (not the same ones, of course).  Our personnel has worked in the field and on top of ladders, we've presented to School Boards and delivered evidence to the police. We have each gained hands-on experience that we now want to share with you and your staff. Compare, if you will, our background against any online, e-commerce, direct seller in this industry.  We are simply the guys you can trust to steer you right.

Where the rubber meets the business road, we are different. Think of ACS as the "Pro Desk" at your favorite Home Depot. Then think of having a direct conversation about surveillance with grizzled physical security pros, but buying direct from HD online. Now you've got it. We are a collection of deeply experienced pros. The self-serve store you'll find at this site allows the ACS operation to keep selling and overhead costs down. We don't have trucks to roll or people to schedule. Our agenda is simple: We just want you and your team to be enabled, educated and equipped to manage, improve, actually own, your video security system. With our unique business model we can best help you put your budget to the most effective use: Securing your customers.   

We invite you to call or write to see for yourself what a difference we can make. You'll be talking with, and hopefully buying from, someone who has truly "been there and done that."

You can reach ACS by telephone (512.853.9411), by post (1800 Augusta, Suite # 120, Houston, TX 77057), by email (sales@allcampussecurity.com), or online (you already knew that, of course).  We look forward to working with you.


Please meet some of our team:

  • Chris Powell: Sales Director
    (512) 853-9411 Main
    (512) 823-0111 Direct
    (512) 692-6237 Fax
    Cell: 281-881-6973
  • Casey Freeman: Inside Sales Representative 
    (512) 853-9411 Main
    (512) 823-0112 Direct
    (512) 692-6237 Fax