You're in the education business. So are we.

All Campus Security is made up of experienced video security design and installation professionals.  We're not just a warehouse (though we have one), we're not just an online store (though that's how we roll), and we're not just salesmen (though we'd love to become your sole-source provider of all your video security system equipment).

Then, what exactly are we?  We are passionate.  About video. About security. About systems. About technology. About schools. And about problem-solving.  So, if your problems have anything to do with video security system technology, we're here to help you solve them. 

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Call Michael Bailey to start a conversation.  You can reach him at (512) 853-9411 or at

How can we be of service?

  • Assessment

    • We can review your floorplans, product information, proposals requested and received, as well as the preparedness of your network infrastructure.  By looking for the potholes ahead, filtering the overpromises made and recalibrating the expectations set, ACS can help you make better decisions now to avoid disappointments later.
  • Best Practice Review

    • There is no reason to venture into the realm of video surveillance without a guide by your side and a thorough understanding of the choices that lie in front of you and your team.  We can help set the best, most cost-effective goals for your new or improved system. Give us a call to discuss.
  • Planning

    • As someone else once said, “You can’t know how to get there if you don’t know where you are.”  Drawing a specific, turn-by-turn roadmap to reach your destination is half the battle. We're here to help you navigate.
  • Design

    • Whether you need to expand your current IP system, upgrade from analog, or start from scratch, we can help.  Preserving or redeploying your current investment in analog cameras to coverage areas where that are suitable can oftentimes free up enough of your available budget to allow megapixel cameras where they will do the most good.
  • Documentation

    • No matter what system you put in place, preserving the million details involved properly is key to ongoing maintenance, expansion and usefulness.  ACS can provide the data capture forms to help this, and to help future users and managers.
  • Project Management

    • While our business model doesn’t include working in your MDF, wandering your halls, or sitting in your committee meetings, we can still help.  ACS can provide a framework for the overall management of your video surveillance project, and can serve as your coach or unbiased referee to ensure that you get the most out of your investment of time and efforts.