Choice Partners

CP SealActive Campus LLC, doing business as All Campus Security, is very happy to announce that we are now open for business to all Choice Partners co-op members.

Any and all qualified buying organizations (any you know who you are!) can skip straight to the front of the check-out line at the All Campus Security website.  By joining this program, ACS has contracted to sell to buyers at pre-negotiated, special pricing. This allows public schools and federal, state and local governmental organizations to expedite their purchasing and get straight down to business. No RFP, RFQ or RFI processes required. Your burden has been lifted.

How do you proceed?  If you are already a Choice Partners member, it's simple:

  1. Register as an ACS customer by clicking here (you just create a username & password).
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Contact ACS sales by email or phone to confirm that you are (or want to become) a Choice Partners member.
  4. With that, we'll simply change your accout status to 'very special' and you will see your very special CP pricing.

If you are not yet a member, it's almost as simple:

  1. Visit the Choice Partners website and choose "Become a Member".
  2. Just complete their form. Or, call (877) 696-2122 and speak with a Michael, Chris or Sam.
  3. Depending on your state, you'll have a standardized "Interlocal" contract to complete (you can see state-by-state details here).
  4. Then, let us know and you're in. 

Choice Partners national cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet the purchasing needs of school districts and other governmental entities. Through this cooperative purchasing program, members gain immediate access to legal, competitively bid contracts they need, saving time and money on the bidding and purchasing process.

Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative includes facility planning services and more than 500 contracts. Contract holders who have been awarded a contract may display the vendor seal. Contract areas include:

  • Facility Services to meet needs for remediation, renovation and remodeling.
  • Food/Cafeteria Supplies for bread, dairy, grocery, produce and cleaning/ware washing products.
  • Services, including art consulting, printing and temporary help.
  • Supplies for custodial/maintenance needs, educational/furniture, medical and office, including a unique school supply catalog with more than 1,300 individually bid line items.
  • Technology, including security systems; equipment, training and service; and hardware, software and supplies.
  • Energy contractors that help governmental entities exercise power over energy costs.

Because Choice Partners is a division of the governmental entity of Harris County Department of Education, other governmental entities and nonprofits may use the cooperative contracts. To access the Choice Partners shared services solutions, please register. If you represent a governmental entity in Texas, sign up to download the interlocal contract that for your governing board's approval. Once it is approved, send it to Choice Partners for our HCDE governing board approval.

If you are in a state other than Texas, simply sign up, then follow your state's procurement laws. Contracts may only be used by governmental entities, such as school districts, private and charter schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, counties, other governmental agencies and nonprofits.Become a member today and enjoy the procurement services and solutions we provide.