DIR Purchasing

Active Campus LLC, doing business as All Campus Security, is very happy to announce that we are now open for DIR business. You can now have DIR pricing for your DIY projects.

Any and all qualified buying organizations (any you know who you are!) can skip straight to the front of the check-out line at the All Campus Security website.  By joining this program, ACS has contracted to sell to DIR buyers at pre-negotiated, special pricing. This allows public schools and federal, state and local governmental organizations to expedite their purchasing and get straight down to business. No RFP, RFQ or RFI processes required. Your burden has been lifted.

How do you proceed?  It's simple:

  1. Register as an ACS customer by clicking here 
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Contact ACS sales by email or phone with your DIR Buyer's ID.
  4. Find us as a reseller vendor contact towards the bottom of the page here.

Once confirmed, your registered account profile will be immediately updated to reflect your DIR status. You will be presented with contracted DIR pricing online whenever you visit and log in. 

Eligibility Overview

Texas Government Code defines the eligible customers who can purchase information technology commodities through DIR Contracts & Services. They include:

NOTE: Texas Government Code, Section 2157.068 - Purchase of Information Technology Commodity Items:  (a) In this section, "commodity items" means commercial software, hardware, or technology services, other than telecommunications services.

Resources for Customers Outside of Texas

Cooperative Contracts is a cooperative purchasing program for technology products and services operated by DIR on behalf of the state of Texas. All the procurement work has already been done for you: vendors have responded and been awarded contracts through a competitive bid process and deeply discounted prices have been negotiated. Learn more about our contracting process.

Eligibility Overview

Out-of-state public entities are welcome to purchase from us (see TGC 2054.0565). We rely on the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Section 791.025 to document these transactions.

How Customers Outside of Texas Purchase from Cooperative Contracts

Step 1. Before purchasing the technology you need, you must complete the Interlocal Cooperation Contract (ICC). The ICC:

  • Allows controlling law to be the law of your state   
  • Allows you to define the venue for litigation   
  • Allows you to define dispute resolution procedures

The ICC enables you to purchase from any contract available through the Cooperative Contracts program.

To complete the ICC:

  • Download and fill out the Interlocal Cooperation Contract - PDF (310 KB). Click HERE to see an example of a completed ICC - (2437 KB). 
  • Email the electronic copy to: interlocalcontract@dir.texas.gov for DIR's consideration.
  • DIR will email a PDF of the finalized ICC to you for your signature. 
  • One signed original of the ICC must be mailed to the following address. If you would like a signed original of the executed ICC returned to you, provide two signed originals of the ICC.
    • Department of Information Resources
      Contract and Vendor Management
      P.O. Box 13564
      Austin, TX 78711-3564
  • DIR will return one fully executed copy of the ICC to you for your records if an original signature is required or will otherwise scan the executed ICC and return to you via email.

Information about file formats

Step 2. Once the ICC has been fully executed by both parties, here’s how to search for the IT product or service you’re looking for:

  • At the top of this page, enter a keyword term in the search box.
  • Once the search results populate the page, select the filter for "All Contracts & Services" under “Content Type”.
  • From there, further refine search results by filtering via product type, NIGP commodity code, or other filter categories.

Step 3. To make a purchase, simply issue your purchase order directly to All Campus Security, LLC. (Note: The DIR contract number must be referenced on the purchase order.)