aka “Thanks for Helping Us Grow” -- Now better than ever

Please help us help you to help others. Simply send us a new prospect, and we’ll send you a new camera when they become a customer. To make is worth your time & trouble, we've just upped the ante. Our standing offer now works in a graduated way - the bigger the purchase that your referral makes, the grander the gift we give:

  • Sale of $1,000+, then we'll give you an Advidia A-27-F or A-28-F
  • Sale of $3,000+, make that an Advidia A-37-F, A-37-FW or A-38, instead.
  • Sale of $5,000+, we'll step up, too, and reward you an Advidia A-54v2, A-55 or A-28-Z
Got a lot of friends? Feel free to refer ACS to your entire staff, local businesses, even your Bridge Club. Send us as many referalls as you please, and we'll reward you every time. Rinse & repeat. To claim your gift or to turn in a name, please complete the form below and submit. We'll take it from there. 

First, please tell us a little about your friend:

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Then, just to make sure you collect your bounty:

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