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All Campus Security has partnered with Raytec to solve your two biggest video headaches:  Night blindness & Budget limits!  

We're excited to bring you a solution to IR failure, hot spots and noisy nighttime video. And, we have some very special new-customer pricing and a factory-direct "Try & Buy" demo program. 

Check out these key benefits delivered by Raytec IR:

  1. Best Night Time Video Raytec offer the industry's best technology and most aggressive R&D.
  2. Interchangeable Lenses The Vari’s holographic lens system lets you switch lenses to best fit your Field of View. Hot-spot reduction technology (HRT) provides a diffused, elliptical beam to deliver at longer distances with minimal waste.

  3. Remote Control and IP Accessible Vario IR units can be quickly and safely controlled, either through the web interface or by hand-held remote for easy setup and maintenance.

  4. Bandwidth Reduction With proper light, video noise and false positives are reduced dramatically. This provides higher quality evidence and allows compression to work efficiently to substantially reduce bandwidth & storage.

  5. Five Year Warranty, 24/7 Tech Support & Pre-sale System Design Raytec offers an unmatched 5-year warranty, and can be involved as much as you like to deliver the best service and benefit to you!

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