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The Verde product family, by Spectra Logic, is the fourth generation of the company's disk line, and will address your data growth, regulatory archive and backup challenges. Verde is affordable secondary storage with simple installation, an intuitive user interface for effortless management, and architecture that assures the highest level of data integrity. Verde will meet your long-term archive and backup needs.  Verde is available in two models, Verde 2U and Verde 4U, ranging in sizes from 24TB up to 3.4 PB of raw storage. Deploying disk for backup and archive has never been easier.

Affordable Storage

Verde offers economical capacity storage and provides operational expense reductions through space-efficient designs, intelligent scaling, compression, and reduced management overhead. With Verde’s low pricing you can expect to pay as low as $0.35 per GB of storage at list pricing.

  • Store More. Spend Less
    Because IT budgets are unlikely to ever keep pace with the growth of data creation, cost is always a consideration. Verde stores more than 3.4 PB of raw data in a single 4U rack with 4 TB or 8 TB SAS 3.5″ disk drives. This makes it easy to scale or upgrade drives while preserving your initial investment and footprint. As your system grows you will only pay for additional hardware. To give you even more storage for your money, you can take advantage of compression to store more data on fewer disk drives.
  • Scale Affordably
    Verde makes it possible to keep up with data growth while keeping it protected, preserved and cost-effective. Scale your storage affordably through Verde’s expansion node architecture and maintains your existing footprint by scaling in place with higher capacity drives.
    Step 1: Start with 10 drives.
    Step 2: Expand up to 35 drives in one full master node
    Step 3: Expand up to 79 drives in one full master & one expansion node.
    Step 4: Expand up to 431 drives with one full master and nine expansion nodes in a whole-rack installation

Customer Installable

Verde provides a quick and simple solution for adding file storage into your environment. Verde is readily integrated into existing environments, requiring minimal support to install. Verde presents a true do-it-yourself product, giving you a solution that you can quickly and easily rack and stack, connect and configure.

Important Terms

  • DP - Digital Preservation Archiving-only Solution in 2U Chassis.
  • DPE - Digital Preservation Enterprise Archiving-only Solution in 4U Chasis.
  • SMR - "Shingled Magnetic Recording" is SpectraLogic's unique technology which allows for highly-efficient and cost-effective dense writing of data to the storage media
  • SMR Drive - Replacement drive for DP and DPE Unit

Important Questions about DP/DPE (SMR Drives) vs. SAS Solution:

  • Q: Will you be deleting video at random?
  • A: Deleting video at random is fine for standard SAS drives, but a bad idea for SMR. The SMR drives works fine if you delete a day of data as it expires, for example. 
  • Q: Will you write to the NAS constantly?
  • A: If your answer yes, please consider the SAS drive solution. SMR is a great archival tool, but will have issues handling a constant write scenario.


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