License Plate Recognition

LPR Explained (Please Read)

Video Insight's LPR package options :

Option 1 - Purchase a fully configured LPR server -

This would require an NVR-LP-R-1-1-2TB which includes (1) LPR camera connection license (IPLP1) and (1) Video Insight camera license (IPSv). Any additional LPR cameras will require this item IPLP1-AD-VI plus a Video Insight IPSv installed on the NVR-LP-R-1-1-2TB. There is a maximum of (10) LPR cameras per LPR server supported in this configuration.

Option 2 - Build your own LPR server - 

This would require both an IPLP1, which includes an serial key dongle, and a Video Insight v.6x attached to the same server for every LPR camera. Any additional cameras would require an IPLP1-AD (add-on LPR license) and Video Insight IPSVC-UL. Please note that Video Insight only allows (4) LPR cameras per server unless you purchase the NVR-LP-R-1-1-2TB (10 max).

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