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Video Insight VMS (CUP-UL - Competitive Upgrade Program)


 Experience a user-friendly VMS that is also feature-rich.  

Award winning Video Insight is one of the fastest growing video surveillance applications in the K-12 education market today!  This is due to demands of a cost-effective, easy-to-use interface combined with reliable forensic tools such as a 9 camera syncronized player, facility map and seamless centralized management of unlimited NVRs. Keep in mind "VI" is not only a standard in schools, but is also used in governement, retail, health, commerical markets and many homes.

Video Insight NVRs come with Video Insight pre-installed and tested for reliability. Click here for towers and here for rack-mount. Also, have a look at Advidia IP Cameras with built-in Video Insight VMS. Click here

Item and Acronym breakdown:

  • -CUP (Competitive Upgrade Program) - Upgrade from any non-freeware VMS at a discounted rate. Proof of purchase is required.
  • -UL (Unlimited) - Lifetime software maintenance and upgrades.
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